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NAXOS Deutschland freut sich über vier ICMA 2021-Auszeichnungen

Die International Classical Music Awards (kurz ICMA) gehören zu den bedeutendsten Musikpreisen für klassische Musik weltweit. Am 20. Januar 2021 wurden die diesjährigen Gewinner bekannt gegeben.

Hier gibt es eine Gesamtübersicht aller Preisträger: Link zur ICMA-Webseite

Die Auszeichnungen aus dem Vertrieb von Naxos Deutschland im Einzelnen:

johnKategorie: Lifetime Achivement Award
Künstler: Edita Gruberova
Zum Katalog auf naxos.de: Link
One of the last true great opera divas, Edita Gruberova has triumphed on stages all over the world for over fifty years, showing the absolute perfection of her singing, the purity of her pitch and total adherence to the dramatic reasons of the characters in the Italian bel canto repertoire, in which she is undisputed queen — but we shouldn’t forget the wit and the irony she has always displayed in German and Viennese operetta. A model of long-lasting career and dedication, Edita Gruberova is a model for any young singer wishing to follow her example.

kuljericKategorie: Choral Music
Album: Igor Kuljeric: Glagolitic Requiem
Label: BR Klassik
Link zum Album auf Naxos.de
Webseite: BR-Chor.com
The Glagolitic Requiem by the Croatian composer and conductor Igor Kuljeric marries Glagolitic melismas with the architecture and form of the Latin Requiem. The recording allows us not only to discover a truly outstanding work but also to hear this music in a sensitive, gripping interpretation. The conductor Ivan Repusic is well supported by good soloists, the excellent choir of the Bavarian Radio and the very committed Munich Radio Orchestra.
hamletKategorie: Video Performance
Blue-ray/DVD: Ambroise Thomas - Hamlet
Label: Naxos
Link zur DVD auf Naxos.de
Link zur Blu-ray auf Naxos.de
Unjustly labelled by Debussy’s famous joke (« I know three kinds of music: the good, the bad and Thomas’s »), the French composer’s music returns to the stage with a production of his masterpiece, Hamlet, which fascinated the audience thanks to Louis Langrée’s sensitive conducting, Cyril Teste’s intelligently modern direction and, above all, the magnificent singing and theatrical intensity of Stéphane Degout and Sabine Devieilhe: a real redemption for poor Ambroise Thomas!
hamletKategorie: Video Performance
Blue-ray/DVD: Rachmaninov: Piano concerto No. 3 + Etude-Tableau + Vocalise + Symphony No. 3
Label: Accentus
Link zur DVD auf Naxos.de
In this live recording of Rachmaninov’s 3rd Piano Concerto, Denis Matsuev’s playing is both soulful and brilliant. Riccardo Chailly’s reading is detailed and extremely colourful. Rachmaninov’s Third Symphony, though composed on Lake Lucerne, is deeply Russian, and Chailly expresses this well. He does not seek the spectacular or the racy elegance in Rachmaninov’s music, but rather a emphasises sonority, orchestral colour and transparency, so that the individual movements of the symphony present themselves like a lush bouquet. But what ultimately really distinguishes this performance is the magnificent, phenomenal playing of the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.
debargueKategorie: Video Documentaries
Blu-ray/DVD: Lucas Debargue – To Music (A film by Martin Mirabel)
Label: Naxos
Link zur DVD auf Naxos.de
Link zur Blu-ray auf Naxos.de
In this documentary category about Lucas Debargue, shot and directed by the pianist’s contemporary Martin Mirabel, the camera follows the young musician during concerts, recordings and even walks, capturing his original and paradoxical judgments about art, revealing his complete immersion in what makes up the meaning of his life. The jury appreciates both the stylishly-made visual component of the film and the special way of filming, which combines a news-reel manner with great focus on the details. It reveals the creative personality of an artist who may become one of the greatest musicians of the 21st century.
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